Why Do You Need a Bull Bar for Your 4WD?

Your road partner always needs extra care, whether you want to dash into regular roads or uneven off-roads across Melbourne. Among the best protection tools that one can install on their 4WD is bull bars. When it comes to the modification of four-wheelers, bull bars are the most preferred accessory because of the weight handling and the protection of the front portion of the vehicle.

What Is a Bull Bar?

To protect your vehicle from collisions and potential harm to the engine and front area, a heavy metal piece called the bull bar is attached to the front of the car. They are common amongst off-roaders, frequent travellers, and those who often cover long distances to protect their 4WD from turning into debris.

Bull Bar
Bull Bar

Bull bars are made up of either plastic, aluminium, or steel. Each type is suitable for different types of vehicles and needs.

● Steel is always the preferred choice because of its strength and durability. It can withstand strong thuds including animal strikes, and they are ideal for rural highways and are comparatively cheaper compared to aluminium bars.

● Aluminium is the second most popular after steel but because of stronger intensity and low tensile strength, it loses its demands for that reason against steel bars.

● Plastic is the latest and weakest of the bars available in the market, however, it is easy to push out a plastic bar if it bends due to collision. Furthermore, plastic bull bars are suitable for regular roads and can lessen the impact on structural damage and pedestrians in case of an accident.

Why Are Bull Bars Needed?

Bull bars are not just about looks or addition to features of your 4x4. There are many other factors too that justify the need for bull bars.

Some of the main and basic advantages are listed below:

Protection: Driving off-roads is extremely risky due to the uneven surface and rocky and muddy areas filled with dust and grime, which can get stuck to many internal parts of the 4x4. Steel and aluminium bull bars are strong enough to resist any damage that can be caused by collision. The bull bars protect the engine and the front of the car from getting harmed or damaged.

Animal collisions: While driving on a rural highway you can encounter some unexpected guests from forests jumping in front of your vehicle. In Australia, collisions with kangaroos are very common in rural highways and their heavy body can cause a lot of impact to the car's frontal area. Bull bars act as guards from such situations.

Winch mounting: If you often travel off-roads, be prepared in case your car gets stuck in a ditch during one of your trips. Winches are extremely useful for vehicle recovery in such situations. Though there are many ways you can mount a winch, the easiest way is on the bull bar.

Visually appealing: Bull bars on your 4x4 look attractive and impressive, and having bull bars installed makes your car look intimidating as well as gives it a unique look.

Approach angle improvement: Bull bars improve your approach angle so that you don’t touch the walls or terrain. Even if you do, there is not much damage, at least not to the car.

Nonetheless, the extra weight it adds to the vehicle may appear as a disadvantage as the front tyres can wear out faster. But it is always more advantageous to have it installed. Consider the latest bull bars available in the market. Recently Hamer bullbar has gained immense popularity in Melbourne, Australia.

Hamer 4x4 Bull Bar in Melbourne

Hamer 4x4 is the latest bull bar in trend and is different from the traditional triple loop design. This new bull bar complements the looks of modern 4WD. It is the most demanding and compatible bull bar currently available in the bull bar industry in Australia.

It is made up of a 3mm thick steel plate, its winch is compatible, has appealing LED for light support and indicators, and innovative design to maximise the airflow to the radiator. This king series by Hamer 4x4 is suitable for Ford Ranger, Toyota Fortuner, Mitsubishi, Mazda etc.

If you are looking for the best bull bars in Melbourne, then Zero Gauge Customs is the best choice for you. Their team of experts are always available to guide you towards the best choice and the legal regulations related to it.

Is It Legal to Have Bull Bars Installed in Australia?

If you are not familiar with the laws regarding the use of bull bars in Australia, the team at Zero Gauge Customs will guide you. In every territory, car-related laws differ. So it is better to understand what Australian laws say about bull bars if you are living in Melbourne.

Australian government considers two basic documents – ‘Australian standard 4876.1 2002’ and ‘the Australian design rules’ in order to determine what type of bull bars are allowed. Guidelines following the bull bar laws and regulations are specified under these documents.

There is a certain type of bull bars that are threatening and harmful as they pose safety risks, and some of the illegal bull bar types in Australia are:

● Bull bars with sharp edges, or the ones with forwarding angle. They are potentially risky for pedestrians.

● Bull bars that cover the number plate, headlight, indicators etc.

● Bull bars that block the driver’s view.

● Too high bull bars – it can be riskier for pedestrians in case of an accidental collision as it can cause a greater impact on the pedestrian’s head or pelvic region.

Bull bars are designed to protect the vehicle from animal strikes and other collisions, which can damage the vehicle’s mechanical and structural components. Bull bars are an added protection from outside forces and even prevent severe injuries to passers-by and animals. If you often go for off-road trips, it is highly recommended to have bull bars installed for protection and safety.

Zero Gauge Customs design and sell bull bars that adhere to Australian laws and regulations so that your vehicle is insured and you can enjoy a peaceful ride without worrying about any fines. Call on 04 3163 3395 or email them for more information.

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