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Best Car Detailing Services Melbourne

In this digital era, in-bay car washes have become common in Melbourne. A professional car detailing service in Melbourne is crucial to maintain the car’s resale value as well as to give it that brand-new sheen and colour.

Zero Gauge Customs is a one-of-a-kind car detailing service in Melbourne that have been serving the clientele of Melbourne for quite some time now. In simple words, car detailing refers to cleaning, tidying up, and protecting your car from top to bottom and every nook and corner of your vehicle’s exteriors and interiors with the help of state-of-the-art equipment and car detailing tools and products, which are otherwise not made use of in traditional car cleaning methods.

Car Detailing Services Melbourne

A reliable and proficient car detailing service includes a few major cosmetic touch-ups in areas of your car to repair your car’s paintwork, with the aim of maintaining a brand-new look. An effective car detailing service is performed to ensure that your car looks as good as new once you take it out of the car detailing workshop. Being a professional auto detailing company, we help you by removing the scratch, dirt, and swirl marks or patches on the car. The process does not involve paintwork and body repairs on the car. We are a reputed automotive detailing company in Melbourne offering services at the most affordable rates.

Zero Gauge Customs is a one-of-a-kind car detailing service that caters to all your detailing services with 24/7 services. A professional car detailing service is vastly different from that of a regular traditional car wash service. The former is more precisely and accurately aimed at making your car look brand new.

The following are the major car detailing services for its wide array of clients in Melbourne:

A) Exterior Car Detailing

  1. Car Washing
    The exterior car detailing process starts off with an intensive and intricate washing by making use of high-quality and premium pH-neutral car shampoo. The car shampoo is permitted to foam enough to enable the accumulated dirt and dust to get softer thereby enabling an easy rinse.

  2. Surface Claying
    Once washed, the paintwork is further clayed using the clay bar. This clay bar is used to remove any dirt or grime that was difficult to get away with normal cleaning products used earlier.

  3. Rubbing and Polishing
    After cleaning the car using state-of-the-art products and techniques, our expert car detailing professionals then start the process of car polishing. The original polish used on the car’s paint surface is removed and a new coating of premium protective wax is applied.

  4. Paint Sealing
    We then seal the paint to protect the car using a specific car sealant or car wax to restore the brand-new factory shine of the car.

  5. Headlights, Taillights and Exterior Component Cleaning
    The headlights, taillights, and other components of the car are cleaned for better illumination. We also ensure that after our process of detailed car polishing, the lights are sealed well using a high-quality plastic sealant.


B) Interior Car Detailing

At Zero Gauge Customs, we offer sophisticated and professional interior car detailing services which is a much longer and intricate process. The interior detailing process includes cleaning, vacuuming, as well as dashboard polishing, and so on. We pay attention to every minute detail, making every nook and corner of your car neat and tidy. The following processes are involved in the interior cleaning process:

  1. Interior Vacuuming
    The entire car is cleaned with the help of a vacuum cleaner so that dust, grime, etc are removed even from the difficult-to-reach areas inside your vehicle. The AC vents are also cleaned effectively.

  2. Brushing and Cleaning
    We thoroughly brush, clean, and scrub the car’s upholstery, mats, and other accessories. The leather covers are brushed and cleaned using a leather cleaner and extensively polished to ensure a better look and feel as well to protect your car from any stains and damage.

  3. Glass Cleaning
    The windows are thoroughly cleaned using a high-quality and eco-friendly glass cleaner to make sure that the windows are squeaky clean, so that the glass does not in any way hinder the driver’s view.

C) Engine Bay Cleaning

The engine bay is the heart of the car. It is also the part that many car detailers miss while detailing a car. We provide an extensive and professional engine bay cleaning process with a pressure washer, which is primarily set on mist mode to remove the top layer of dust, dirt, and grit from the engine. The engine is then rinsed, cleaned, and well-wiped. Once the engine bay is wiped, the car detailing process ensures that the engine is properly dressed in a coating to avoid any rubber and silicone parts of the engine from cracking.

What to Do Next? Contact the Leaders in Car Detailing Services in Melbourne

A clean car looks new and regular detailing increases the age and value of your car. You can go for detailing twice a year or at the bare minimum, once in the year to make it look shiny and clean. As a leading provider of high-quality and reliable car detailing services in Melbourne, our services offer a bouquet of benefits:

  1. Extends Your Car’s Longevity
    Our car detailing process helps in keeping away the appearance from fading.

  2. Saves Money
    Our professionally qualified auto technicians and car detailers make your car look brand new and is considered as a brilliant investment, not an expense. Regular car detailing by our professional and expert car detailers helps your car’s engine run smoothly and leads to lesser maintenance costs.

  3. Provides Protection
    The high-quality wax coating or sealant used in the car detailing process protects your car from UV rays and oxidisation, which is also known as rust.

  4. An Efficient and A Smoother Engine
    With frequent and on-time car detailing, your car’s engine is cleaned of dirt, grime, leaks, and any unwanted damage that may affect the engine in the long run.

  5. Improves Your Car’s Resale Value
    The regular detailing of the car ensures that the depreciation rate of your car is slowed down.

To know more about how Zero Gauge Customs can make your car look brand new through our in-demand auto detailing services, call us on 0431 633 395 and talk to our expert car detailing professionals. Grab your no-obligation quote today!

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