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Best Car Sound Deadening Services in Melbourne

If you are someone constantly experiencing noise disturbances inside your vehicle, applying sound deadening can help significantly. Zero Gauge Customs is the leading installer of state-of-the-art sound deadening materials for cars in Melbourne. Generally, there are two types of noise you will encounter in your car, namely the road noise and the noise from directly inside the car. Deadening the boot lid as well as the rear parcel shelf helps in getting rid of all sorts of unwanted vibration and improves  the bass response.

Car Sound Deadening Services in Melbourne

The sound deadening material we install is extremely dense and includes a surface that consists of a strong adhesive. Your professional car soundproofing installer can apply the material to flat metal surfaces such as the doors, floors, and roofs in addition to the firewalls, rear fenders, and the trunk of your car.

Zero Gauge Customs has become the most sought-after automotive sound deadening installation service provider in Melbourne for many years now. Our friendly automotive technicians will inform you in detail of the installation process and will use only high-quality automotive insulation and sound deadening products on your vehicle.

Installing Sound Deadening Materials for Your Car in Melbourne

Our damping materials consist of a layer of closed-cell foam on top of the aluminium layer. We also offer foam-based materials as another great option. This foam layer helps in reducing vibrations and rattles from things that meet the damping material. When it comes to under floors, these damping materials can significantly prevent wire harnesses and cabling from buzzing. Also, when it comes to the car’s doors, these materials prevent the rods that activate the door release mechanism and locks them from getting rattled.

Another choice for sound deadening is a spray-on solution. We offer the latest sound-deadening service that are an effective way to add mass to flat metal surfaces.

Using Top-Quality Sound Deadening Materials During Installation for Your Car

While considering your options for sound deadening material for your car, the important feature is to choose a high-quality damping material that will stay adhered to your vehicle. There are two common problems with damping materials:

  • First, they may not possess a strong adhesive, or they may require an extensive surface preparation process performed to stick to their respective panels. Some damping materials tend to stick to dusty surfaces without any concerns whatsoever.

  • The second problem with choosing the perfect sound deadening material is that the material itself is thermally stable. You will not want the sound deadening part of the material to peel off especially during the sultry days in the summer. Vehicle carpets and headliners might need to be replaced if the sound deadening damping materials absorb moisture and contaminate them.


Our professional automotive service provider will use the best sound deadening materials for your vehicle in Melbourne that will last long once applied to your vehicle.


Our automotive sound-deadening services include designing and integrating materials into your vehicles by professionally qualified and experienced acoustical and electrical engineers to enhance your driving experience to the maximum.

What Next? Call the Leaders for Sound Deadening Services in Melbourne


Zero Gauge Customs is your one-stop shop for all your sound-deadening service needs in Melbourne. We provide highly flexible and acoustically perfect sound-deadening materials that are used to permit an effective sound barrier in applications requiring high-performance soundproofing such as in cars. Call us on 0431 633 395 to know more about the benefits of sound deadening installations for your vehicle, anywhere you are in Melbourne. Get your free quote right away today on the best soundproofing services available in Melbourne!

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