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4x4 Off-Road Accessories Shop in Melbourne, Australia

If you are fond of off-road trips, you sure need to shop from a reliable and affordable 4x4 4WD accessories shop in Melbourne. Zero Gauge Customs is a one-of-a-kind 4WD accessories store in Melbourne that provides high-quality, reliable, and affordable 4x4 off-road supplies and 4WD accessories one will need in Melbourne. It is important to know which accessories to buy that best suits your 4WD vehicle.

The following are the 3 top tips you need to consider before you plan to buy your 4x4 4WD accessories from any 4x4 off-road accessories store in Melbourne:

4x4 Off-Road Accessories Shop in Melbourne
  1. Research Online: Getting to buy the most suited 4WD accessory for your vehicle will require performing some research regarding them. Browsing through websites will give you an idea of how your 4WD vehicle will look like after integrating the accessories you wanted to primarily.

  2. Think About the Terrain Challenges: Think about the terrain of the place you think of travelling to. It gives you an awareness of what to expect if at all something goes wrong, or some component fails to work properly, etc.

  3. Learn About the Crucial Accessories Needed for Your 4WD: It is always not just the fuels, oil, and filters, but also the accessories that may protect your 4WD from dirt and dust. For instance, the air intake system supporting accessories and regarding the suspension, and so on.

It is equally important to know the different important 4WD accessories available in a trusted 4x4 off-road accessories store in Melbourne. The major ones are as follows:

  1. Recovery Gear: Stuck spinning your 4WD’s wheels in the muck? Recovery kits or tow straps are for your rescue. These are important to pull out your 4WD from tight spots. At Zero Gauge Customs, we provide high-quality and durable recovery straps that will provide you with safer and simpler ways to get your 4WD vehicle back on firm ground and within the least turnaround times.

  2. Tyre Air Compressor: Got a blown-out tyre while on a long overhaul? In cases where you get a flat tyre and when you encounter a situation where the spare tyre is equally damaged, getting back on the road may seem like a hassle. With a tyre compressor from Zero Gauge Customs, you will be able to connect the tube to the tip and fill it up in the case of a flat tyre.

  3. Lift Kit: A lift kit can ensure a safer ride. This is because, with a lift kit, you will get higher ground clearance. This will avoid any inconvenience caused by bumps on the roads. A lift kit will suit you perfectly especially when you have a vehicle with large tyres.

  4. Air Lockers: These are the first performance mod you would want to install on any vehicle being used for Low Range 4WD. A set of front and rear Air Lockers will provide you 100% drive to all 4 wheels at any given point of time, which otherwise, cannot be controlled with open diffs or any other traction control system.

  5. Swags: If you are looking for a quick weekend getaway, a double sky dome swag can be helpful in taking you to remote locations. They come reasonably sized and can be quickly set up.

  6. Bull Bars: A bull bar is a must irrespective of whether you are planning for a cross country tour or a weekend getaway. It ensures that your vehicle stays protected from unexpected animal strikes and is also a perfect platform for mounting accessories that include winches, aerials, and so on.

  7. Intensity Driving Lights: Zero Gauge Customs’ wide array of high-quality Intensity Driving Lights are perfect for early risers or late-night drivers, as it permits a brilliant and reliable light.

  8. Long Range Fuel Tank: This is a perfect choice if you need to double your current fuel capacity.

  9. Elements Fridge: Coupling the 4WD vehicle’s fridge with a dual battery system can allow you to escape from causing any sort of strain on your battery. This is possible by DC-DC Charging functionality, which ensures that your fridge remains cool and the 4WD engine runs efficiently.

  10. Rear Step Tow Bar: Require 180 degrees of protection unlike a regular tow bar? We provide high-quality rear step tow bars that offer an improved step platform as well as a perfect location to plumb your trailer system’s electrics.

  11. Canopy: If you are driving a dual cab ute, you would prefer making most of the space for fitting canopy as well as for as improved carrying capacity for the same. We provide a wide array of sleek designs along with central remote locking and hidden window buttons as well as an improved load-bearing capacity of 100 kgs including the weight of the roof rack that can also have optional support systems.

Contact the Leading Providers Of 4x4 Off-Road Drive Accessories

Zero Gauge Customs is a reliable and leading provider of 4x4 off-road drive accessories that are cost-effective and of high quality. Our 4WD accessories are the most sought-after across Melbourne and our expert automotive technicians can provide you with complete guidance on which 4x4 off-road drive accessories best suits you. Call us on 0431 633 395 to know more about the best-suited and cost-effective 4WD accessories in Melbourne. Grab your free quote right away today!

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