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Top-Quality 4WD Winches in Melbourne

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Even experienced drivers can get stuck when it comes to driving in soft sand or bog. It is certainly not always about forgetting to lower tyre pressures, but this is when recovery tools such as winches shovels, and snatch straps come in handy for every off-road trip. Winches are lifesavers that are devices made of rope, chain, or a wire cable that is often wound around a winch drum. Zero Gauge Customs is a leading one-stop-shop for all your 4WD winch requirements. Be it for hauling, lifting, or adding more tension to the rope to release your vehicle from a bog, 4WD wheel drive winches help in recovering your vehicle efficiently without any hassles.

At Zero Gauge Customs, we provide high-quality 4WD wheel drive winches at the most cost-effective rates across Melbourne. 4WD winches are powered by an electric motor that is linked to your vehicle’s power steering pump or to the vehicle’s battery system, which permits the device to rotate the rope swiftly.



The following are the major components of a 4WD winch:

Motor: The motor is the most important component of a 4WD winch and is powered by electricity or hydraulics.

Solenoid: Solenoids could either be remote or integrated. Integrated solenoids that are integrated at the top of a 4WD winch are also called contractors. Solenoids are responsible for controlling the rotation of the drum in the 4WD winch.

Wire Rope or Cable: These can measure from 12 to 30 metres and is wound around the winch drum.

Winch Drum: The wire cable or rope is bound to the winch drum to protect it from damage while not in use. It moves around circularly when it requires to be wound around the rope.

Internal Brake: The internal brake is designed to maintain a stable load when the 4WD winch is stopped. It avoids any load from slipping back into the mud.

Gear Train: To pull the vehicle, the gear train helps in converting the electrical energy from the power source into mechanical energy via the motor to help pull the vehicle.

Free Spool Clutch: This is used to mount and dismount the winch drum from the gear train.

When budget is a major priority, a suspension upgrade (that requires the incorporation of a lift in ground clearance), and a set of all-terrain tyres are upgrades that will require a winch recovery. When you purchase your new winch power kit, the following are the key components:

  • A tree protection strap that will help you use an anchor instead of damaging the winch wire.

  • A pulley block that can help you lessen the load on the winch or improve its pulling power.

  • Heavy-duty gloves

  • Shackles to safely connect components together

  • Called ‘finger savers’, these are used to feed the wire onto the spoon as it looks like a small piece of bent rod that will save your fingers from getting pulled through the fairlead.


Other components required apart from the winch kit are as follows:

  • The Wire Dampener: There is an urgent need for a blanket or a heavy coat to lie over the wire to save it from breaking. If the wire breaks from extreme tension, the heavy object dampens down the wire and stops it from flying around.

  • Quality Electrical Supply: Most 4x4 vehicles require a 4WD winch that can pull safely up to 3 to 4 tonnes. An electric motor that must perform this task requires a huge reserve of power from a battery. In such cases, you may require adding a second battery, associated heavy-duty wiring, and a dual battery switch.

  • An Accessory to Mount On: 4WD winches require a strong mounting point and bolting it up to the bull bar is the most common technique for a 4WD vehicle.

4WD Winches in Melbourne

The Best Carbon Winch in Melbourne

  • Carbon winches have high brand recognition and are suitable for 4x4 wagons, dual cabs, caravan hauliers, and school buses.

  • Zero Gauge Customs is a one-of-a-kind leading provider of high-quality that are the lightest of their kind available in the market.

  • We are renowned for offering reliable and affordable carbon winches and carbon winch installation services in Melbourne within the least turnaround times.

  • We cater to the rising requirement of high-quality carbon winches that are crucial for 4WDs and the dual cab markets.

  • We also provide compliance assurance for our carbon winches to our clientele that can meet the requirements of certain bull bars that have a specification of a maximum winch capacity of 10000lb.

  • Additionally, we offer a 5-year water ingress and an electrical warranty along with a lifetime mechanical warranty.

Professional Carbon Winch Installation Services in Melbourne

Carbon winches are designed, engineered, manufactured, and installed with high accuracy and precision by Zero Gauge Customs. Our extensive array of carbon winches also includes the carbon winch 12k which consists of a 12000lb fast line pull 216:1 planetary gearset ratio along with the following advantages and features:

  • It is fully sealed to resist water, dirt, and dust ingress into various parts such as the motor, drum, and gearbox.

  • It involves a 6.2HP series wound electric motor

  • It consists of a 5-position solenoid box mounting bracket

  • Has a battery isolator switch

  • It consists of a wireless remote-control unit with a lanyard, which is a fully sealed receiver unit that is built into its control box.

  • It involves a rotating ring gear clutch that facilitates an easy low-drag free spool

  • Consists of gear sets that are electro-plated planetary for improved longevity

  • Has a breather kit pre-fitted to the electric motor

  • Multi-Fit Fairlead that suits the bull bar, via which you can simply install

  • Every internal is fully zinc-electroplated to ensure protection from corrosion.

  • High-performance motor brushes along with copper impregnated contacts and a corrosion-plated brush mount

  • The bearing of the carbon winch is fully supported and fully balanced at the armature for excellent performance

  • It involves a hoist-style brake unit that is mounted to the drum end plate to provide superior holding power via braking through the geartrain without worrying about the heat generated on the drum. Additionally, it has no contact with the drum nor leads to any damage to the synthetic rope.

  • A 4-position mounting for the control box bracket over the motor or over the drum on top Alternatively, 700mm cables permit the remote mounting of the control box separately to the carbon winch.

  • Has a 5-year electrical warranty on the motor or the solenoid unit


In a nutshell, the following are the advantages of buying reliable and affordable carbon winches from us:

  1. High safety

  2. Improved precision

  3. Acts as a safety protection device

  4. It always starts and stops smoothly

  5. Has a reasonable structure

  6. Easy to maintain

  7. Top quality and comes at a competitive price

  8. Possesses a double limit switch

  9. Includes a current overload protection device

  10. Provides improved buffer

  11. Involves a weight overload protection device

  12. Includes an emergency brake


If you are in a harsh environment where fast recovery is crucial, there is no doubt that you require a 4WD winch. If you require a reliable and affordable 4wd and carbon winch wherever you are in Melbourne, call us on 0431 633 395. Grab your free, no-obligation quote right away today!

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